Getting Started With F3

You may have heard about us through your friends, family, neighborhood, community center, school, place of worship, wherever… and now you’re here looking for more info.





So yeah, F3 is a free men’s workout. There is nothing to buy. No up sell, or cult to join. There’s no points or rewards. No affiliate program or multi-level pyramid of recruitment incentives. It’s just simply free.


Open To All Men

F3 is open to all men. We don’t care if you’re in your 20s or 70s, you have a place here. The nature of our workouts is you versus you. No matter your age, F3 will have you push yourself, without hurting yourself.



Held Outdoors

Always held outdoors, rain or shine. 



Peer Led

F3 is a a peer-lead, non-professional boot camp-style workout.

Everyday is different (depending on who is leading) but the exercises are typically running, pushups, jumping jacks, burpees, stuff like that — and then occasionally doing something called “Murder Bunnies” with a cinder block, but I don’t want to freak you out.


Ends In a COT

All beatdowns end in a Circle of Trust (COT)